Double Machine Specification:


VOLTAGE 220v/50Hz
Current 9A
Power 2.1kw
Refrigerant R410A(Icing) R134a(Precooling)
Ice Pan D500*1.8mm*2pcs
Pre-cooling tanks 10 pcs
Cooling min -22~-28’C
Dimension 1780*640*880mm


Double pan icecream roll machine. This comes with 10 compartments located in the middle of the pans which are refriegerated allowing you to store and cool flavours such as fruits and chocolates. Our machines also come with a storage compartment to allow storage of any equipment. This machine is recommended for events and for businesses. It comes with two frozen pans and 10 cooling compartments situated in the middle to allow you to store flavours keeping them fresh for longer. This machine is suitable for large events as it allows two staff members to work simultaneously leading to less queue build up meaning customers are served at a faster rate leading to an increase in your sales as well as providing good customer service. It can easily be lifted with the help of 2 persons and has wheels located to allow easy manoeuvre. Please note:there may be an extra charge to have a glass splash back panel installed.